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Coloure LTD.
A perfect addition for your outfit or your interior.

A successful outfit relies heavily on the pulling-power of colors and embellishments we use with the clothing choices. this is the same as the successful interior, in Interior Design. DJ Meyer has been drawing and painting since she was a child and with years of Interior Decorating experience and Fashion Design work in her repertoire. Her work is detail oriented, as it is created to appeal to the distinguished buyer. There is no magic formula to make the perfect outfit or interior as there is personal preferences of placement, colors, and even mood when they see the finished design or outfit. But without the jewelry with an outfit or room, we all see it as unfinished. All Coloure LTD Jewelry and Accessories are made from artwork created by DJ Meyer Art.

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Custom jewelry available
  • Abstract/ Fluid/ Impressionism
  • Commissions available

Grabbing the  attention isn’t enough in a beautiful room or a great outfit; It must keep that attention for at least a few seconds to fully enjoy the piece of jewelry or artwork. Set yourself apart from the others.

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“How you finish your groomsmens outfits really makes a statement for the whole wedding. Loved the Cufflinks.”


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